Any service fees?

We charge up to 4.5% commission fee on each successful transaction on the free plan. You can upgrade your account on a monthly basis or annually to a premium plan and pay as low as 0.45% of each transaction. Please see your upgrade options in your control panel (project's setting page)

How fast transactions are?

Depends on the underlying blockchain network.

If the user selects a SOLANA based coin that you support, the transaction might be confirmed within 8 seconds. We track the payment sessions independently in real time, however, we can NOT go faster that the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

Can I close my browser after quickly making a payment?

Yes. all the transaction confirmation notifications are done on our end.

You don't have to wait till you see the confirmation on the payment page. You already have the transaction reference in your wallet.

As soon as the blockchain confirms your transaction, the merchant will get your payment.

Can I get a refund for a service or product I purchased using your payment system?

All transactions are final on our end.

However, depending on the merchant policy, you might be eligible for refund. Please work directly with the merchant to sort out any issues with the services/products purchased.

How much projects I can create under one account?

Infinite. There is no limitation on that on our end as long as you need them.

Think of it as a unique configuration for your actual project to organize your invoices, supported coins, callbacks and notifications.

Can I use this payment system to build my own telegram bot?

Sure. As long as you are utilizing our API properly, we do not have any requirements against the application itself nor the business model.

Who pays my taxes?

You. We do not hold your funds on our end and have no authority nor power on how your spend your money.

However, we offer tools to log your invoices and transactions so you can easily do your accountings.

Where are you located?

Houston, Texas, USA.

How many blockchains and coins do you currently support?

At the time of answering this question, we support SOLANA based coins simply because Solana is one of the (if not the) fastest blockchains with the lowest gas fees out there.

We can add the support of any SOLANA based coins based on our market analysis and our customers recommendations.

We will add other fast blockchains soon, we are currently working on adding ETH blockchain support and the major coins from there as well.

Please see your project's setting page for the full list of the supported coins. Its grows daily.