Merchant Invoice: a bill expected to be fulfilled by a customer using any supported by the merchant crypto coin.

Merchant supported coins: Merchant might favor certain blockchain or coins over other for variety of reasons, regulations, stability, confirmation speed, exchange fees etc...

Creating an invoice:

To create an invoice, you need to perform a PUT HTTPS request against your project's unique URL with the following JSON format:

  • amount: number, invoice total
  • data: any, vendor defined invoice specific data
  • vendorInvoiceId: string: a reference to customer's checkout session in your system.
  • header: string, REQUIRED: any short, meaningful naming, will be shown on the payment page
  • description: string: medium length description, optional
  • url: string, valid URL: direct link to the purchased item, optional
  • imgSrc: string, valid URL, link to the item picture

You will need an API KEY to authorize this request. It can be obtained from your project settings page.

Exact example can be found in your project->docs section.

The above creates a pending invoice in our system.

Response (JSON):

  • err: number, error code
  • data:
  • url: Direct payment URL
  • QR: QR representation of the base64 hash of the url
  • invoiceId: unique invoice ID in our system

Starting from this point, your customer is expected to open the above payment URL and make the payment.